We're About to Turn The Beauty Industry on its Head!

Introducing Peachy, the beauty industry's most unique selling platform.  Powered by artificial intelligence, we have created an interactive marketplace that includes advice from the industry's most knowledgeable personal assistant.  It possesses the professional tools required to analyze, compare, and make recommendations to treat specific skin conditions. With an accuracy rate of 95%, Peachy will recognize most common skin issues using just a simple photo.

The Problem

More than 80% of all consumers consider TRUST a deciding factor when making purchases.  That is especially true of expensive beauty products.


The Solution

Peachy is a revolutionary AI powered app that can diagnose specific skin issues with an accuracy rate of 95%, learning consumer habits and preferences along the way.

Peachy gives consumers the confidence to buy beauty products with recommendations that are based on real scientific data such as identifying active ingredients and considering the vast amount of available consumer feedback. 

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